Interview Recorder for Custodial Interviews

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Demos and Documents

Brochures   (Click to download below)



Player Installer   (Click to download below)

Player Ver7

Player Ver6

Client Installer   (Click to download below)

Remote Client Ver7

Warranty and Repair   (Click to download below)

Warranty and Repair Document

Service Drawings   (Click to download below)

Typical Room Wiring

IP 6060 Input / Output Drawing

DV7617 Input/Output Drawing

3772 Audio Video Amp Drawing

Service Manuals   (Click to download below)

VRM Manual Ver6

Server Manual Ver7

Client Manual Ver7

RS232 Input/Output Manual & Drawing

Audio Video Amp

Sanyo 810 Manual

Sanyo 814 Manual

IP 6060 input/output Manual

Bulletins   (Click to download below)

11.11.29 Obtaining Windows Log Files

10.12.28 Moving VRM software to new Computer

10.08.03 VRM Software Update

10.07.01 Computer Specifications PDF

10.06.23 DXDIAG for Computer Info PDF

10.01.07 Sanyo 814 Firmware Fix PDF

10.01.06 Sanyo 810 FirmwareFix PDF

09.11.06 DVD Burner Fix PDF

09.11.06 BurnerProblemFix.exe

09.11.03 Cimm Migration Instructions

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